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Westminster is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the preparation of early childhood/special education, and secondary school teachers. Secondary school teachers are prepared in the following fields: biology, chemistry, social studies, English, mathematics, and physics. All secondary certifications require Preservice Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) by Pearson and the Praxis Speciality Area test. French, Latin, music, and Spanish are K-12 certifications. Early childhood/special education, and K-8 certifications require the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) by Pearson and appropriate Specialty Area tests. Graduates may be certified to teach in other states if they select their courses to meet the requirements for certification which apply in those states. Additional information may be obtained from the Department of Education, or from the Department of Music for the music certification program.

A sequence of learning opportunities and experiences are planned by the faculty to develop personal and professional growth and to meet the requirements for teacher certification. The faculty monitor each studentís progress toward the attainment of program guidelines through course work, personal advising, supervised activities, public school practica, field experiences, and a student teaching assignment.

Students majoring in education become candidates for the B.A. degree. Students minoring in secondary education become candidates for the degree appropriate to their discipline.

Students who successfully complete the teacher education program at Westminster and the Praxis Series/Pearson Examination requirements will be recommended for certification in Pennsylvania. Students who seek certification in other states can modify their programs accordingly. Generally, the courses leading to Pennsylvania certification are similar to those required by other states.


What can you do with an Education degree?

Imagine yourself a preschool teacher, an elementary school teacher, a high school teacher, or a special education teacher in a public or private school.