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Requirements for the Major in Pre-K Early Childhood Education and PreK-8 Special Education

All of the following:

ECE 201 Issues and Trends in Early Childhood Education
ECE 203 Diversity within Family-School-Community Partnerships
ECE 362 Observation and Assessment PreK-4
EDU 231 Educational Psychology
EDU 311 Teaching Science in Schools
EDU 562 Early Childhood PreK-4 Education Field Experience II
ELL 206 English Language Learners
PED 301 Early Childhood Movement
PED 302 Adapted Physical Education
PSY 219 Early Childhood Development
SED 201 Foundations of Special Education
SED 462 Observation & Assessment PreK-8/Special Education
SED 562 PreK-8 Special Education Field Experience

All of the following Certification courses (these also count as part of the Westminster Plan curriculum):

Six semester hours, MTH 110 & 124, or SSC 252 & 253 recommended
Life Science
One course, BIO 101 or ES 160 recommended
Physical Science
One course, AST 141, CHE 101, 102, GEL 121 recommended
One course from World or PA History, SOC or PSY
American History
One course, HIS 105 or 106 recommended
Visual/Performing Arts
MUS 185 required
Six semester hours of English composition/literature

All of the following ECE Teaching and Learning Block courses:

ECE 321 Math for Preschool Years
ECE 322 Math for Primary Grades
ECE 331 Language Development PreK
ECE 332 Language Development K-4
ECE 341 Emergent Literacy
ECE 342 Literacy in the Primary Classroom
ECE 352 Teaching Social Studies PreK-8
ECE 362 Observation and Assessment PreK-4

SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHING AND LEARNING BLOCK – The Special Education Teaching and Learning Block is taken by early childhood PreK-4/special education PreK-8 majors who have an overall minimum GPA of 3.000 and a 3.000 in their major, and who have passed the Basic Skills Assessment in Reading, Writing, Math or met qualifying scores on the SAT/ACT.

All of the following SPE Teaching and Learning Block courses:

SED 402 Behavior Management in Special Education
SED 404 Reading Strategies for Exceptional Children
SED 411 Legal Issues and Assessment in Special Education
SED 412 Assessment Methods in Special Education
SED 413 High Incidence Instructional Strategies in Special Education
SED 414 Low Incidence Instructional Strategies in Special Education
SED 462 Observation and Assessment PreK-8 Special Education

In addition to the Special Education Teaching and Learning Block, students must also take SED 572, the two semester hours Field Experience, preferably in the junior year of studies.

Student Teaching: Student Teaching is typically completed in the Spring Semester of the senior year.

NOTE: Student Teacher placements are made by the School of Education. Placements are final and cannot be changed. Transportation is the responsibility of the student teacher.

Both of the following:

ECE 605 Student Teaching (6 credits)
EDU 600 Student Teaching Seminar (2 credits)
SED 605 Student Teaching (6 credits)

Other Information for ECE/SPE Majors

Recommend electives include another class in music, art, or theatre, SOC 101, 102, or 209, EDU 204 or 450, and PSY 101 or 281.

It is also suggested that ECE/SPE majors may also complete a minor in one of the following disciplines:

Creative Media Production
Childhood Development
Public Communication and Leadership
Computer Science
Foreign Languages

See the Undergraduate Catalog for specific requirements.


What can you do with an Education degree?

Imagine yourself a preschool teacher, an elementary school teacher, a high school teacher, or a special education teacher in a public or private school.