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Criminal Justice Studies


Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology-Social Policy majors are required to complete an internship in their respective fields.
Some Sociology majors also choose to complete an internship.

More Internship information can be found by checking the Professional Development Center link.

Here is a sampling of recent student internships:

H Westwood

Major: Sociology

Site: Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation

When: Summer 2019

Worked under the guidance of Special Agents to assist with:

  • Evidence collecting
  • Search warrants
  • Criminal investigation
  • Homicide investigation
  • Drug investigation
  • Sex crimes
  • Cold case unit

Quote on experience: “I was able to be a part of something that had a real impact on the state, the DOJ and the families of the victim. Seeing this real impact has inspired me to pursue a career in state or federal law enforcement.”

E Marcus

Major: Sociology

Site: U.S. Marshal Service Internship

When: June – July 2019

Major Duties:

  • Observe court cases
  • Assist in paperwork and small tasks
  • Put together fugitive profiles
  • Run background checks and raps sheets through NCIC.
  • Work with the Fugitive Task Force division and assist in real cases
  • Ride along to apprehend fugitives

Quote on experience: “My internship experience was more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I was heavily exposed to the real-life job in this federal agency. It confirmed the career path I’m headed towards.”

J lane

Major: Sociology

Site: Recreational Supervisor at George Junior Republic, a private, residential facility for court-ordered dependent or delinquent boys.

Tasks: Facility provides schooling, varsity sports and other extracurricular activities, opportunities for service in the community and individual and group therapy.

Quote on experience: "All things considered I believe that this internship was truly the best way I could have spent my time this summer. I learned lessons in patience, understanding, and was introduced to a whole new world of the incarcerated youth at George Junior. This internship has helped to broaden my understanding of society in many ways."


What can you do with a Criminal Justice Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an investigator, detective, police officer, paralegal, counselor, or probation officer.