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Criminal Justice Studies


Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology-Social Policy majors are required to complete an internship in their respective fields.

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Recent Student Internships

L Oliver

Lindsey Oliver

Major: Criminal Justice Studies

Site: Monroe County Public Defender's Office (Rochester, NY)

When: Summer 2022

Worked under the guidance of Special Agents to assist with:

  • Transcribing body worn camera footage and interrogations
  • Observing court proceedings, including jury trials, sentencings, and arraignments
  • Attending jail visits with attorney mentors
  • Weekly "Law Trainers"
  • Assisting with discovery files and case overviews

Quote on experience: "Despite everything I’ve learned during the past few months, I value the experience more than anything. I have no doubt that the people I met, the work I did, and the things I saw will stick with me for the rest of my life and inspire me in my future career."


H Westwood

Hannah Westwood

Major: Criminal Justice Studies

Site: Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation

When: Summer 2019

Worked under the guidance of Special Agents to assist with:

  • Evidence collecting
  • Search warrants
  • Criminal investigation
  • Homicide investigation
  • Drug investigation
  • Sex crimes
  • Cold case unit

Quote on experience: "I was able to be a part of something that had a real impact on the state, the DOJ and the families of the victim. Seeing this real impact has inspired me to pursue a career in state or federal law enforcement."


E Marcus

Emily Marcus

Major: Criminal Justice Studies

Site: U.S. Marshal Service Internship

When: June – July 2019

Major Duties:

  • Observe court cases
  • Assist in paperwork and small tasks
  • Put together fugitive profiles
  • Run background checks and raps sheets through NCIC
  • Work with the Fugitive Task Force division and assist in real cases
  • Ride along to apprehend fugitives

Quote on experience: "My internship experience was more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I was heavily exposed to the real-life job in this federal agency. It confirmed the career path I’m headed towards."


J Lane

Joey Lane

Major: Criminal Justice Studies

Site: Recreational Supervisor at George Junior Republic, a private, residential facility for court-ordered dependent or delinquent boys.

Tasks: Facility provides schooling, varsity sports and other extracurricular activities, opportunities for service in the community and individual and group therapy.

Quote on experience: "All things considered I believe that this internship was truly the best way I could have spent my time this summer. I learned lessons in patience, understanding, and was introduced to a whole new world of the incarcerated youth at George Junior. This internship has helped to broaden my understanding of society in many ways."




What can you do with a Criminal Justice Studies degree?

Imagine yourself an investigator, detective, police officer, paralegal, counselor, or probation officer.