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Requirements for the Minor

Biology Courses:

BIO 201 Cell Biology and Genetics
BIO 202 Organismal Biology

Plus, 4 courses including at least one course from each of the following concentrations:

Cell Biology and Genetics courses:

BIO 301 Microbiology
BIO 302 Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 303 Molecular Genetics and Heredity
BIO 304 Developmental Biology

Evolution, Form and Function courses:

BIO 334 Physiology
BIO 335 Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 337 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
BIO 338 Evolution

Biodiversity and Ecology courses:

BIO 360 Ecology
BIO 361 Biodiversity and Conservation

*Note: A student may not use any combination of the following majors to com-plete a double major: biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, or environmental science. Students must petition biology for a biology or molecular biology minor.


What can you do with a Biology degree?

Imagine yourself a physician, surgeon, genetic counselor, conservation biologist, academic biologist, marine biologist, forensic scientist, physical therapist, veterinarian, ecologist, scientist or biotechnologist.