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Honors Program

Omicron Kappa Sigma

Omicron Kappa Sigma (or OKS), founded during spring 2006, is the honor society of the All-College Honors Program at Westminster College. The Greek letters stand for ho kyklos sophias, which means "the circle of wisdom." The honor society is charged with cultivating a sense of community among Honors Scholars while promoting the intellectual life at Westminster through events both on and off campus. Membership is limited to Honors Scholars who are in the All-College Honors Program.

Some examples of what ΟΚΣ has done or plan to do are:

  • propose and engage in service projects
  • invite guest speakers
  • organize trips
  • support and attend co-curricular events on campus
  • publicize and encourage participation in events sponsored by the Honors Program
  • organize or participate in book discussions
  • organize or participate in movie viewings and discussions
  • write to prospective Honors Scholars
  • mentor new Honors Scholars
  • support research and presentation of that research
  • organize study breaks for Honors Scholars
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