K-12 Outreach

The Drinko Center For Experiential Learning provides opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to participate in a variety of outreach opportunities.

Several of the programs directed through the Drinko Center are broadsweeping and impact entire communities in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. For example, the Grable Foundation supports a Theatre Camp, Teacher's Academy, Educational Leadership Series, and the Celebrity Series Children's Show. Another example is the Resch Foundation's support of the Bright Futures Camp. Both of these major program supporters, Grable Foundation and Resch Foundation, provide the Drinko Center with the means to enrich teaching and learning through outreach initiatives.

The Drinko Center also supports small-scale programming, some of which has included the purchase of books for use in tutoring underprivileged children, workshops that connect Westminster faculty and students in a variety of settings, and transportation for a group of Westminster students who are teaching inner-city youth to read.

No program is too large or too small.


K-12 Teacher Academy

Visit to the Holocaust Center of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Tour on the legendary Just Ducky Tour of Pittsburgh

Teaching Mathematics with Lego Mindstorm Robots


Bright Futures Camp

The Bright Futures Program at Westminster College began in 2005 and focuses exclusively on the community of Campbell, Ohio. Funded by the Marion G. Resch Foundation,the Bright Futures Program consists of a ten day residential academic and performing arts program. The cohort of thirty-four students in the Bright Futures Program spends ten days on campus each summer during their high school career. During the camp, these students work with their peers, Campbell teachers, Westminster faculty, staff and students on academics as well as the creation of a final performance for family and friends.


Bright Futures Summer Camp 2013 in New York City

Bright Futures Summer Camp 2013 in New York City

Bright Futures Summer Camp 2013 at Pittsburgh Pirates Game in Pittsburgh


Theatre Camp

The Westminster College Foundation Theatre Camp seeks to provide junior and senior high school (grades 7-12) students whether beginners or seasoned performers, with a top notch performance education experience. The week’s work will culminate in a public presentation of scenes and monologues. Areas of study include: auditioning, voice and movement, character analysis, and improvisation.


Small Grants

The Small Grants program run through the K-12 Outreach offers groups and individuals unique experiences that normally would not be accommodated. The program will take requests from classes or individuals that would need money to accomplish a task. For example, if a class needed transportation to partake in a learning experience, a request for a small grant could be made to the K-12 Outreach to help fund their learning. They would then read over the request and consider if the money is warranted.

Students participate in Brain Awareness Workshop, Spring 2009 (Dr. Allan Gittis)

Video Game Workshop participants from local Middle Schools