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Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate research is a great chance to learn more about a subject that interests you. You can apply what you've learned in class, work closely with a faculty advisor and learn new skills. In some cases, you may change your major or apply to graduate school based on what you've learned doing research or participation in creative activities. Not to mention that it shines a strong light on your resume.

Research and creative activities are important to students in all academic disciplines, including the arts and humanities, social and natural sciences, education, and education. Westminster students have produced documentaries for non-profit agencies, created computer programs to play games, written original poetry and stories, as well as studied the effect of DEET on fruit flies.

Many students get involved in research and creative activities before their capstone experience. Since these activities are usually mentored by Westminster faculty, you'll learn about the opportunities that are available from individual faculty members and in your classes. The kind of activities you do may vary depending on your academic background and training. Additionally, some students find off-campus opportunities through programs such as Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs).

You should talk to your professors and let them know you’re interested in doing research. Many of them have ongoing projects that you can become part of. You can also let a faculty member know about a particular question, problem, or field of study that interests you.

Yes. The Drinko Center has limited funding to support materials associated with conducting a project and for expenses associated with travel to regional, national, and international meetings. All funding requests to the Drinko Center require the completion of an application and the support of your faculty advisor.

Yes! Any academically oriented activities will help you find a job or get into a graduate or professional school and should give you important skills and knowledge.