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Westminster College Sports Management Program Partners with Cleveland Cavaliers

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Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

While Westminster sports management students will not be tasked with guarding all-star LeBron James, they will have to find ways to market his team and sell tickets to an upcoming home game. Dr. Robert Zullo, program coordinator for Westminster’s new sports management major, has implemented a partnership where students in his “Sports Event Planning & Management” course are actively engaged in the sales process through an experiential learning project.

“We are excited to partner with a championship organization and one of the greatest players to ever step on the court as we hone our sales skills,” noted Dr. Zullo. “Many schools simply read about sales, but we want the Westminster students to engage in the process through product knowledge, prospecting, needs assessment, closing and customer satisfaction.”

 Zullo has previously partnered with the Pittsburgh Pirates to teach ticket sales and compares the assignment to a true training camp that better serves the students’ development.

Mark Mazzagatti, senior group events specialist with the Cavs remarked, “the Cleveland Cavaliers are excited to work with Dr. Zullo's Sports Event Planning & Management class as it will provide the Westminster College students an in-depth collaborative sales partnership. This opportunity will only better prepare those in his class for the sports business industry and offer a real-life experience they are sure to remember."

The tickets are for the Thursday, April 5th home game against the Washington Wizards, led by their all-star guard John Wall, with an 8 p.m. tip. For more information on how you can order tickets, contact Dr. Zullo at and he will connect you with the student sales ambassadors in the course. Orders can be placed no later than Tuesday, February 27th.

Though the sports management major is a new one on campus it is quickly growing in popularity due to the College’s dedicated approach to off-campus learning as well as the business-emphasis of the curriculum, the experiential learning opportunities and the career readiness emphasis. Those interested in attending Westminster College and studying sports management should reach out to Dr. Robert Zullo to learn more about the competitive advantage a Westminster College education affords.

For more information, contact Zullo at or visit our sports management webpage.