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Dr. Deanne Buffalari presents research at Millersville University

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Posted on Friday, November 17, 2017

Dr. Deanne Buffalari, assistant professor of neuroscience, recently gave a talk at Millersville University regarding her recent research. Buffalari was invited by the psychology department at Millersville to discuss the research she has been conducting in the neuroscience laboratory at Westminster College with undergraduate students. In particular, this talk highlighted the work of three students—senior Katelynn Morrell and alumni Anthony Sloan '15 and Sarah Waszyn '16. Morrell, Sloan and Waszyn were interested in using animal models to study behavioral and cognitive disorders. This work included studies of what factors might contribute to the progression and symptoms Parkinson's disease and possible treatments for Parkinson's, as well as how individuals with ADHD might react to certain combinations of drugs. A portion of this work was published by Sloan and Buffalari last year. This work is ongoing and provides an exciting and clinically relevant field of research for undergraduate students.

"This talk was particularly exciting for me because it was based solely on the work of our undergraduates. It's great to see their work come together to create a great scientific story. I feel lucky to work with such talented and hard working students. They are making valuable contributions to the field," said Buffalari. 

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