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Honors Students Pay Respects at Flight 93 Memorial

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Posted on Monday, September 18, 2017

On Sept. 10, students in The Battle for Public Memory, a class in the Honors Program sequence taught by Dr. Shannon Smithey and Dr. Angela Lahr, took a day trip to the Flight 93 memorial located in Stoystown, PA. The class focuses on society’s memory of the past and its descriptions of history, and how these descriptions and the collective memory shapes society’s future.

At the memorial, the students spent a few hours visiting each aspect while considering the design, form, authorship, symbolism, and narratives conveyed. For many, it was a very moving and informative experience.

“I’m really glad I had a chance to visit the Flight 93 memorial," said Alison Tinker, a sophomore political science major and fine art minor. “I learned a lot about an event that I know is important to American history, but one that I was too young to remember. I was only three years old at the time of the attack, so visiting the memorial taught me a lot about what happened and allowed me to reflect on a terrible tragedy that many people will never forget, but one that I personally was not part of."

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