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History Majors Present at Regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference

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Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

History majors Lexie Quigley and David Waldschmidt presented their research at the 2017 Western Pennsylvania Regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference and Undergraduate History Forum held at Thiel College on April 1.

Quigley won an award for "Best Paper in Panel" for her paper "Frosty Car Windows: A Micro History of the Effect of Cold War Culture on the Depiction of Young American Women, Specifically LuAnne Henderson". Her paper was based on her capstone research advised by Dr. Patricia G. Clark, associate professor of history. Quigley previously won the "Best Paper in Panel" award at the 2015 regional Phi Alpha Theta conference for her paper "Un-American: Arthur Miller's Influence on the House on Un-American Activities Committee During the Second Red Scare".

Waldschmidt presented "Incompetence Overpowers Intelligence?" based on his research on the Nuremberg Trials for the historical methods course taught by Dr. Russell E. Martin, professor of history.

Clark gave opening remarks at the conference as the national representative of the history honor society Phi Alpha Theta to the Western Pennsylvania region.

For more information, contact Dr. Patricia Clark at or 724-946-7248.