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Dr. Melinda Crawford Perttu Publishes Violinist’s Guide to Scottish Fiddling

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Posted on Monday, April 17, 2017

Dr. Melinda H. Crawford Perttu, assistant professor of music and former U.S. National Scottish Fiddling Champion, recently published a book entitled "A Violinist's Guide to Scottish Fiddling," published by Mel Bay Publications.  Mel Bay is a leading publisher of music books that offer instruction in various instrumental musical genres. 

“It's very exciting to get this book published and available to the public because it is the first of its kind for Scottish fiddling,” says Crawford Perttu. “There's never been another pedagogical guide that has analyzed the traditional techniques that are used when playing in this style.”

Crawford Perttu’s book is designed for violinists who have never fiddled in the Scottish style or for anyone looking to refine their Scottish fiddling skills. In this guide, readers will find discussions about ornamentations and their applications, bowing styles, rhythmic issues and stylistic interpretations. It covers five basic types of tunes: airs, marches, jigs, reels and strathspeys, as well as Scottish fiddle history and regional styles.

Transcriptions of the tunes are included within the guide along with video clips demonstrating all of the techniques and tunes used in the guide.

“Many of the video clips are close-up shots that really show the details of how to perform the techniques. So now, classical violinists working with the guide and its accompanying videos should feel confident that what they will be learning will truly be authentic Scottish fiddling,” added Crawford Perttu.

A Violinist's Guide to Scottish Fiddling” is available through Mel Bay Publications at,, or neighborhood music stores.

For more information, contact Tom Fields at or 724-946-7190