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Justin Wilson Presents "Tiny Living: The College Experiment"

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Posted on Friday, March 3, 2017

Justin Wilson ’18, Broadcast and Digital Communications major, is producing a documentary called “Tiny Living: The College Experiment". The documentary will follow the journeys of people living in the Tiny House at Westminster College once it is completed. 

Wilson plans to produce the documentary like a reality TV show. “I want to focus on things [people living in the Tiny House] go through, psychologically and physically,” says Wilson. “Is Tiny House living the way to go, the way of the future?”

“The Tiny House project is a big group of interesting people,” adds Wilson. “No one’s really the same major. Everyone’s just collaborating and you can tell they’ve been really trying hard to get this off the ground”.

Wilson recently joined the Tiny House project, a group of Westminster students under the direction of Dr. Helen Boylan and in collaboration with New Castle School of Trades. Tiny Houses, which have piqued social and environmental interest across the globe, are loosely categorized as homes that are between 100 and 400 square feet. These houses require less energy and economic consumption, and support the ideas of simplification and sustainability.

Wilson is one of five students in the documentary production course this year. The course spans two semesters moving students from the research and concept launches of their documentaries into production and post-production. The experience ends with the world premiere of the final projects during the November 2017 Student Documentary Showcase on campus alongside classmates Emiley Westfall, Brad Kolesar, Troy Jackson, and Charles Borges.

The full trailer for "Tiny Living: The College Experiment" is available for streaming on Vimeo.