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Broadcasting Students Create Promotional Video for Campus Outdoor Labs

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Posted on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Corporate web video produced by Westminster students, Justin Shaw ‘17, Laura Page ‘18, Terrell Cleckley ‘19, David Austin ’18 and Jackie Schultz ‘17, has been accepted by Dr. Patrick Krantz to promote the campus outdoor labs to undergrads, faculty, staff and visitors. The video is entitled, “Explore, Experience & Experiment at WC's Outdoor Labs” and can be found across the college’s digital media channels.

The students created the video as part of their corporate video promotion project in BC 251/Single Camera Video Production during the Fall 2016 semester. The project ran the entire semester.

After an initial meeting with Krantz, Shaw, Page, Cleckley, Austin and Shultz worked together as producers, directors, writers, videographers, on-camera extras, editors and client liaisons to create the promotional video. Upon approval from Krantz, the students completed a rough cut and received feedback before concluding the project with a formal presentation of the finished video at the end of the semester.

Brad Weaver, broadcast communications lecturer at Westminster College, says this project was meant to take the students through the entire video production process. His goal was to teach the students how to think critically about their own productions and start seeing how the media landscape around them is produced.

“The students immersed themselves in the video production process by tackling every aspect of the job,” says Weaver.  “They quickly discovered how to learn from mistakes and that video production takes a lot of time and hard work.”

The video production project helped the students to advance their skills with cameras, lighting, technique, best practices, audio and editing. They worked together to as a production team and learned to manage time, equipment and problems all while creating a project to be included in their portfolios and demo reel.

The video is scheduled to go out on the college’s official social media and website. Watch the video now here:

For more information, Contact Brad Weaver at 724-946-7238 or