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Home is Westminster: A Message from Junior Marketing Major, Natalie Paoletta

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Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Home is Westminster
By Natalie Paoletta, junior marketing major

“With another year down, and new students arriving in a few short months, I think about my time at Westminster College. I think about returning to Westminster as a Junior (wow I’m old), and I think about how quickly these last two years have passed.

I swear, just the other day I was moving into Shaw Hall as a nervous freshman wondering who I would make friends with, how my classes would be, and if the food would be somewhat edible. I don’t think I could ever forget a piece of my time in this small Amish town.

I will never forget my first day of classes as a college freshman. I walked out of my calculus class in tears thinking I would never know how to complete a problem. The funny thing was, I didn’t fail that calc class. I even passed with an A, because my professor would sit with me for hours until I got those problems right. My friends from different schools would come home on breaks and talk about how they were just a number, in a large lecture hall, and how they would have to learn almost completely on their own, out of their books. I’m thankful that Westminster is never like that. Our professors will spend as much time as we need with them to help better our education.

When I came to school I learned of this funny saying, “The Westminster Way”. You don’t quite understand what that is until you, yourself start holding doors open for others and saying hello to every person you come in contact with on your way to class. Westminster is special, and I think the Westminster Way is just one of the many traits that stand out…”