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Lecturer Combines Mathematics and Art

Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

James Anthony, Westminster College mathematics lecturer, combines mathematics and art through flame fractals.

A fractal is a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern.  Flame fractals exhibit color rather than a monochromatic image and are generated using a set of functions and variations.  The functions are assigned colors, then repeatedly selected at random to map the current point in the plane to a new point.  The color of the visited point is then altered based on the selected function.

Westminster sophomore Christijana Vucenovic, a mathematics major, worked with Anthony and Dr. Natacha Fontes-Merz, associate professor of mathematics, to classify the cancerous nature of cells based on the fractal dimension of the cells' borders and designed a program to generate flame fractals.  Sophomore Scarlett Vogle, a psychology major, created a program to manipulate them.

Vucenovic and Vogle presented their research at April's Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration, where Vucenovic earned a first-year prize for the quality of her presentation.

Anthony's mathematical art will be showcased at the Wendell August Gallery at Grove City Artworks Nov. 7-Dec. 13.

Anthony, who has been with Westminster since 2007, earned an undergraduate degree from Lock Haven University and a master's degree from The Pennsylvania State University.

Vogle is a daughter of Jeff and Glenda Vogle of Alexandria and a graduate of Juniata Valley High School.

Vucenovic is a daughter of Bob and Evelyn Vucenovic of West Middlesex and a graduate of West Middlesex Area High School.

Contact Anthony at 724-946-7285 or email for more information.