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Bob Braunlich '74, retired VP of Remote Operations for ESPN Studios, shares advice

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Posted on Monday, September 20, 2021

Meet Bob Braunlich '74, retired Vice President of Remote Operations for ESPN Studios. In his career, he managed productions for college football, basketball, Monday Night Baseball, and many others. 

Upon graduation, Braunlich attended graduate school at Bowling Green State University and worked at their PBS station. He then taught at Central Michigan University, where he ran a cable TV operation. He was also a "runner" for ABC sports events, and eventually accepted employment with ABC Studios.

At ABC Studios, he was Production Manager on sports studio shows. He transitioned to Field Production Manager, where he worked remote operations for series like the '84 and '88 Winter Olympics. Braunlich advanced to Sports Production Executive, where he worked the 1991 Cuba Pan-Am games - something he considers the "greatest adventure of his professional career." He graduated to Director of Production Planning, then became Vice President of Remote Operations and managed all Studio Remote broadcasts. 

Braunlich credits his success to continuous learning and gives a large amount of appreciation for his Westminster education. He still provides Westminster students with field experience, as he brought Titans to Ohio State to observe a College GameDay production! "I believe in what Westminster is's important for them to carry on and keep the Westminster story going."

He recommends that students or alumni focus their efforts on meeting people. "Jobs don't usually present themselves, you have to go after it. Even if you get a low-level menial job, do your best. Someone is always watching you... You are responsible for your own 'brand.' Protect that brand with everything you've got."

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