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Access online journals, indexes, abstracts, databases, reference sources, and even a streaming music archive. A Westminster username and password is required to access many of these resources from off-campus.

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Explore our archive of research help sites created specifically for WC courses & assignments. Can't find your course? Email us with the assignment and we'll make a research site just for you!

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Borrow scholary journal articles, books, and other reserach materials from other institutions with our ILLiad, our brand new ILL service. Already have a Westminster ILLiad account? Click here.

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Start your research with these quick guides to library resources, all arranged by discipline. From Astronomy to Theatre, we've got you covered. Need help with citations? Check a Style Guide for help with APA, MLA, and more.

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Find answers to your library-related questions, including scheduling information literacy sessions, ILL policies, and WISE tips & tricks.

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Learn more about the library's services, locations, collections, policies, and people.

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