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Versions and Editions Top of Page
Bible (Douay - Catholic)
Bible (King James - Protestant)
Bible (Revised Standard - both Catholic & Protestant)
Bible (New International Version)
Complete Parallel Bible (New Revised Standard/Revised English/New American/New Jerusalem)
  Ref BS125 1993
Harper Collins Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version
  Ref BS191.5 .A1 1993 C35
Holy Bible, King James Version
New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha

Guides and Handbooks Top of Page
Complete Bible Handbook
  Ref BS475.2 .B69 1998
Cambridge Companion to the Bible
  Ref BS475.2 .C26 1997
Essential Bible Handbook
  Ref BS475.3 .E86 2009
Handbooks of Biblical Chronology
  Ref BS637.2 .F5 1998
Oxford Companion to the Bible
  Ref BS440 .M434 1993
Oxford Guide to Ideas & Issues of the Bible
  Ref BS440 .O94 2001

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Top of Page
Anchor Bible Dictionary
  Ref BS440 .A54 v.1-6
Book of Bible Quotations, 2005
Dictionary of the Bible, 2010
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
  Ref BS440 .E44 2000
Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  Ref BS440 .I44 v.1-3
New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology
  Ref BS622 .N48
New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible
  Ref BS440 .N443 2006 v.1-5
Roget's Thesaurus of the Bible
  Ref BS432 .D38 1998
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
  Ref PA881 .K513
Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament
  Ref BS440 .B5713
Who’s Who in the New Testament, 2002
Who’s Who in the Old Testament, 2002

Concordances Top of Page
Analytical Concordance to the Bible
  Ref BS425 .Y7 STORAGE
Eerdmans Analytical Concordance
  Ref BS425 .W48
Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
  Ref BS425 .S8 1980
NIV Exhaustive Concordance
  Ref BS425 .G62 1990

Commentaries Top of Page
New Jerome Biblical Commentary
  Ref BS491.2 .N485 1990
New Interpreter's Bible
  Ref BS491.2 .N484 1994 v.1-12
Peake's Commentary on the Bible
  Ref BS491 .B57
Women's Bible Commentary
  Ref BS491.2 .W66 1992

Atlases Top of Page
Atlas of the Bible, Andromeda, 1985
Atlas of the Bible
  Ref BS630 .R6
Atlas of the World’s Religions
  Ref G1046 .E4 A7 2007
Biblica: The Bible Atlas
  Ref G2230 .B53 2007
Harper Concise Atlas of the Bible
  Ref G2230 .H472 1991
Oxford Bible Atlas
  Ref BS630 .O96 2007

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Academic Search Elite
Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Principle ToolATLA Religion Database
Humanities Full Text
Project MUSE
Religion Index One
  Ref Z7753 .A5

Internet Sites Top of Page
Bible Gateway
Unbound Bible