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What is InterLibrary Loan Service (ILL)?
Who is allowed to use ILL?
What does it cost?
How do I make an ILL request?
What happens when ILL material is received at the Library?
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Materials for College-related research may be borrowed from other lending institutions, when available. You may not borrow material owned by Westminster, textbooks for classes, or items for reserve use. It is difficult to borrow materials published prior to 1800, or newspapers (unless available in MICROFILM), rare books and manuscript materials, reference materials, or materials published in the last year.

Interlibrary Loan is a service of McGill Library for Westminster faculty, students, and staff. This service is available to assist eligible individuals in the completion of their curricular or professional research needs.

Interlibrary Loan is provided at no cost to Westminster College faculty, students, and staff. The library assumes responsibility for all costs incurred in the borrowing process except when the material is genealogical material or when costs exceed the established guidelines.

However, the FINE on an overdue interlibrary loan book is $5.00 a day or fraction of a day thereof.

New in January 2013! The library is proud to offer ILLiad, a new Interlibrary Loan system. With ILLiad, you are able to submit, track, and - in many cases - access your Interlibrary Loan materials from one easy-to-use location. To submit ILL requests, you must have an ILLiad account.

When requesting research materials from other institutions, please have full citation information and check your information for accuracy before submitting your request. Include the source of your citation. If we have a problem with the citation or if the information is incomplete, we may return it to you for further research.

If you you have questions or need assistance, please email

Materials, if available, usually arrive within two to ten days of placing the request. We will notify you by email when your materials are available. Most articles will be available online through your ILLiad account. Books and other physical materials may be picked up at the circulation desk in McGill Library.