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Career Center

The Career Center & Alumni

Westminster alumni play an important role in helping students and fellow alumni chart their course. Your experience, your credibility, and your advice are invaluable as complements to the programs, services and resources offered here on campus. Here are a few suggestions for ways alumni can get involved:

  • Update your profile. The single most helpful step is also the easiest: please visit the Alumni page and update your information, particularly the sections covering professional information. Lastly, please include a personal email address so students can easily communicate with you via the email link in your profile. Take the Graduate Survey.

  • House a Student during Summer Term (Titan Homes). Housing is a critical factor for many students considering internship opportunities. It can be very difficult and expensive for students to rent an apartment for a few months during the summer. We hate to see students decline internship experiences because they’re unable to afford the associated costs of living expenses. The Career Center is aggressively working to develop funding sources to help students cover the expenses and lost earnings of summer internships, and your ability to offer housing to Westminster students helps us extend that support to more students. (Volunteer on Alumni Page)

  • Join the Westminster Group on LinkedIn. Currently more than 2000 Westminster Alumni have joined LinkedIn, making it a vibrant community that provides lively discussions with other alumni as well as practical advice for students exploring their role in the professional world. 

Alumni, please email the Career Center if you are willing to:

  • Share Your Experience. A 30-minute conversation, whether on the phone or over a cup of coffee, can be invaluable for a student exploring career options. You don’t need to be an expert or a luminary; all it takes is a willingness to talk about your career path, share advice, and provide insights on how you got from here to there.

  • Send us your job leads. Post-graduate job leads from our alumni and parents are critical to the success of Westminster students and are greatly appreciated by the Career Center. If you know of any internship or entry-level opportunities within your organization, please submit them to the Career Center so that we can share them with students.

  • Sponsor an Internship. Internships provide students with realistic exposure to occupational fields in which they are interested. The Career Center helps facilitate internships for students. We also welcome internship offers from parents of students, employers, and other friends of the College. If you're not in a position to sponsor an intern yourself, please talk with your HR department about other ways to include Westminster College in their internship program.