2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Thomas More vs. Westminster
  Date: Oct 27, 2014 • Site: New Wilmington, Pa.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For WES: #01 Rachael Letscher, #11 Anna Iraola, #21 Krysten Opsatnik, #13 Rachel Simko, #4 Kerri Inzinga, #5 Raechel Pusateri, #28 Rylie Shaw, #2 Liss Grimaldi, #22 Mere Mishler, #18 Kelsey Rogers, #3 Abbey Gore.
 For TMC: #3 Taylor Robinson, #21 Emily Sanker, #7 Abby Osborne, #13 Emilee Buchanan, #2 Olivia Huber, #10 Erika LaRosa, #11 Kait Owens, #6 Julia Flagge-Echols, #16 Abby Stadtmiller, #12 Sam Work, #1A Megan Barton.
[47:00]  Shot by TMC Sam Work HIGH.
 Foul on Thomas More.
 Foul on Thomas More.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[54:25]  Shot by WES Rylie Shaw HIT CROSSBAR.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[58:05]  Shot by TMC Sam Work HIGH.
[60:45]  WES substitution: Gretchen Schwarz for Anna Iraola.
[60:45]  WES substitution: Rebecca Bradnam for Rachel Simko.
[60:45]  WES substitution: Melissa Thomas for Krysten Opsatnik.
[60:45]  TMC substitution: Ally Wimmers for Julia Flagge-Echols.
 Foul on Westminster.
 Foul on Westminster.
[63:04]  TMC substitution: Kaitlyn Armentrout for Kait Owens.
[67:03]  GOAL by TMC Erika LaRosa, Assist by Abby Stadtmiller.
Thomas More 3, Westminster 0
 *20 yards out, upper 90
[67:03]  WES substitution: Rachel Simko for Kerri Inzinga.
[68:34]  TMC substitution: Julia Flagge-Echols for Abby Stadtmiller.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[71:46]  Shot by WES Rylie Shaw, SAVE Megan Barton.
 Foul on Thomas More.
 Corner kick by TMC Sam Work [72:42].
[72:42]  Shot by TMC Emily Sanker WIDE.
[72:42]  WES substitution: Gabriella Tissue for Kelsey Rogers.
[77:14]  Offside against Thomas More.
[77:53]  WES substitution: Kerri Inzinga for Raechel Pusateri.
[80:18]  WES substitution: Krysten Opsatnik for Rebecca Bradnam.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[83:05]  WES substitution: Raechel Pusateri for Liss Grimaldi.
[84:12]  Shot by WES Kerri Inzinga WIDE.
[85:16]  Shot by TMC Julia Flagge-Echols, SAVE Rachael Letscher.
 Foul on Thomas More.
 End of period [90:00].