2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Grove City vs. Westminster
  Date: Oct 26, 2013 • Site: New Wilmington, Pa.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For GRO: #14 Holly Spofford, #22 Sarah Cessar, #5 Kristin Thomas, #19 Jessica Heck, #30 Lydia Caissy, #9 Chelsea Tarolli, #7 Molly Weitzel, #18 Abby Mathes, #29 Leah Wilt, #11 Shannon Bishop, #1 Tiffany Yost.
 For WES: #0 Madeline Frech, #15 Ali Stark, #3 Kristina Tissue, #8 Amanda Turi, #17 Allee Oskin, #22 Mere Mishler, #24 Jordan Steele, #25 Haley Casuccio, #16 Sammy Creese, #2 Katie Brown, #6 Selena Dasari.
 Corner kick by GRO Ellen Benbow [45:08].
[45:22]  Shot by GRO Abby Mathes, SAVE Madeline Frech.
 Foul on Westminster.
 Foul on Westminster.
[54:26]  Shot by GRO Sarah Cessar HIGH.
[56:24]  WES substitution: Rebecca Bradnam for Ali Stark.
 Corner kick by GRO Shannon Bishop [57:58].
 Foul on Grove City.
[63:44]  WES substitution: Kerri Inzinga for Katie Brown.
[63:57]  WES substitution: Raechel Pusateri for Kristina Tissue.
 Corner kick by WES Jordan Steele [64:30].
[64:52]  Shot by WES Kerri Inzinga, SAVE TEAM.
[64:58]  GOAL by WES Amanda Turi.
Grove City 1, Westminster 1
 *deflection in box
[66:07]  GRO substitution: Sarah Flenniken for Shannon Bishop.
[66:07]  GRO substitution: Madison Zajicek for Kristin Thomas.
[66:50]  Shot by WES Kerri Inzinga BLOCKED.
 Foul on Grove City.
[69:13]  Shot by WES Mere Mishler WIDE.
 Corner kick by WES Jordan Steele [70:56].
[71:24]  GOAL by WES Kerri Inzinga, Assist by Jordan Steele.
Westminster 2, Grove City 1
 *off corner kick in box
 Foul on Westminster.
 Foul on Westminster.
[74:39]  Shot by GRO Holly Spofford WIDE.
[75:02]  GRO substitution: Jordyn White for Madison Zajicek.
 Foul on Westminster.
[76:26]  GRO substitution: Kristin Thomas for Chelsea Tarolli.
[78:42]  Shot by WES Raechel Pusateri, SAVE Tiffany Yost.
 Foul on Westminster.
 Foul on Westminster.
[82:28]  GOAL by WES OWN GOAL.
Westminster 3, Grove City 1
 *own goal #16
 Foul on Westminster.
[84:52]  Shot by GRO Sarah Cessar, SAVE Madeline Frech.
[84:56]  Shot by GRO Sarah Cessar HIGH.
[85:15]  GRO substitution: Nikki Youngs for Sarah Flenniken.
[86:29]  Shot by GRO Sarah Cessar HIGH.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Foul on Grove City.
 End of period [90:00].