3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Geneva vs. Westminster
  Date: Nov 16, 2013 • Site: New Wilmington, Pa.

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Wes 2-11on Wes37Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, GEN ball on GEN35.
Geneva defends south goal.
 Drive: 1 play, minus 1 yard, TOP 0:17
Mike Gardner kickoff 59 yards to the WES6, Sifontes-Lavine return 94 yards to the GEN0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 14:46.
Justin Dahl kick attempt good.
Westminster 27, Geneva 14
J. Schnelbach kickoff 37 yards to the GEN28, Colton Booher return 3 yards to the GEN31 (Mac Quinn).
Gen 1-10on Gen31GENEVA drive start at 14:44.
Gen 1-10on Gen31Lemuel Fuller rush for 1 yard to the GEN32 (Rich Ellebie).
Gen 2-9on Gen32Zack Hayward pass complete to Josh Guiser for 3 yards to the GEN35 (Corey Neill).
Gen 3-6on Gen35Zack Hayward pass complete to R.Colavecchia for 10 yards to the GEN45, 1ST DOWN GEN (Josh Beistel).
Gen 1-10on Gen45Kellen Mackey rush for 18 yards to the WES37, 1ST DOWN GEN (Josh Beistel).
Injury timeout - Geneva #53 Martin.
Gen 1-10on Wes37Zack Hayward pass complete to Kellen Mackey for 4 yards to the WES33 (Josh Beistel).
Gen 2-6on Wes33Kellen Mackey rush for no gain to the WES33 (Nate Moot), PENALTY GEN holding (Nathan Fisher) 10 yards to the WES43, NO PLAY.
Gen 2-16on Wes43Zack Hayward pass complete to Zachary Taylor for 16 yards to the WES27, 1ST DOWN GEN (Corey Neill).
Gen 1-10on Wes27Zack Hayward pass complete to Zachary Taylor for 9 yards to the WES18 (J. Glennon;Nate Moot).
Gen 2-1on Wes18Zack Hayward rush for 2 yards to the WES16, 1ST DOWN GEN, out-of-bounds (Jared Heck).
Gen 1-10on Wes16Zack Hayward pass intercepted by Nate Moot at the WES4, Nate Moot return 0 yards to the WES4.
 Drive: 9 plays, 53 yards, TOP 4:12
Wes 1-10on Wes04WESTMINSTER drive start at 10:32.
Wes 1-10on Wes04Dak Britt rush for loss of 1 yard to the WES3 (John Onufer).
Wes 2-11on Wes03Tyler Banks rush for 3 yards to the WES6 (John Onufer;Jesse Hribar).
Wes 3-8on Wes06Dak Britt pass complete to Toby Bonitz for 23 yards to the WES29, 1ST DOWN WES, out-of-bounds.
Wes 1-10on Wes29Dak Britt rush for 6 yards to the WES35 (Thomas Benyo).
Wes 2-4on Wes35Dak Britt rush for 12 yards to the WES47, 1ST DOWN WES (Nicholas Polka).
Wes 1-10on Wes47Dak Britt pass incomplete to David Wright.
Wes 2-10on Wes47Tyler Banks rush for 5 yards to the GEN48 (Brett Alberti;John Onufer).
Wes 3-5on Gen48Dak Britt pass incomplete to Cody Alward.
Wes 4-5on Gen48J. Schnelbach punt 24 yards to the GEN24, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 8 plays, 48 yards, TOP 3:49
Gen 1-10on Gen24GENEVA drive start at 06:43.
Gen 1-10on Gen24Kellen Mackey rush for 1 yard to the GEN25 (Chuck Sayre).
Gen 2-9on Gen25Zack Hayward pass complete to R.Colavecchia for loss of 2 yards to the GEN23 (Anthony Tilenni;Jared Heck).
Gen 3-11on Gen23Zack Hayward rush for 19 yards to the GEN42, 1ST DOWN GEN (Justin Shaw).
Gen 1-10on Gen42Kellen Mackey rush for 13 yards to the WES45, 1ST DOWN GEN (Dylan Heitmeier;Josh Beistel).
Gen 1-10on Wes45Zack Hayward pass incomplete to Kellen Mackey, dropped pass.
Gen 2-10on Wes45PENALTY GEN false start (R.Colavecchia) 5 yards to the 50 yardline.
Gen 2-15on Gen50Zack Hayward sacked for loss of 7 yards to the GEN43 (Christofferson).
Gen 3-22on Gen43Zack Hayward rush for 6 yards to the GEN49 (Dylan Heitmeier).
Gen 4-16on Gen49Ed Schuster punt 36 yards to the WES15, Kory Gribbin return 5 yards to the WES20 (Dillon Goodell), PENALTY WES illegal block (Corey Pelkofer) 10 yards to the WES10, 1st and 10, WES ball on WES10.
 Drive: 7 plays, 25 yards, TOP 3:07
Wes 1-10on Wes10WESTMINSTER drive start at 03:36.
Wes 1-10on Wes10Tyler Banks rush for no gain to the WES10 (Andrew Klein;Dillon Goodell).
Wes 2-10on Wes10Dak Britt sacked for loss of 7 yards to the WES3 (Brett Alberti).
Wes 3-17on Wes03Tyler Banks rush for 3 yards to the WES6 (Timothy Martin).
Wes 4-14on Wes06J. Schnelbach punt 29 yards to the WES35, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 4 yards, TOP 2:14
Gen 1-10on Wes35GENEVA drive start at 01:22.
Gen 1-10on Wes35Zack Hayward pass complete to Lemuel Fuller for 25 yards to the WES10, 1ST DOWN GEN (Jared Heck).
Gen 1-Gon Wes10Zack Hayward pass complete to Zachary Taylor for 7 yards to the WES3 (J. Glennon).
Gen 2-Gon Wes03R.Colavecchia rush for 2 yards to the WES1 (Rich Ellebie;Josh Beistel).