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Ten Topics For: Brittany Grabski

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Senior soccer player Brittany Grabski (Aliquippa, Pa./Hopewell) responded to several topics for the Titan Sports Blog. Below are her 10 best responses:

What's on TV: Pretty Little Liars

What's in my iPod: Drake, Lil Wayne

Favorite flicks: The Goonies, the Twilight Saga

Love to trade places for a day with: Nicki Minaj or Mia Hamm

Favorite meal: Franks Hot Sauce with Lays Original Chips and anything Italian

Fun fact about myself: I've lived with the same person and my bestest friend for four years (Hayley Ebersbacher).

My role model: My sister

I chose Westminster because: It was pretty, I could play soccer, and I heard great things about the Education Department.

Since I've been at Westminster I've learned: To think REALLY outside the box.

When I'm done with college, I'll be: Teaching, and at some beach somewhere.


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