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Welcome to Westminster College! You've made a great choice to attend Westminster College and soon you will get to know all that makes your student experience distinct. We are known as a campus of door openers and we mean this metaphorically and literally. In your first few days on campus, Residence Life and Fresh Start staff will literally open doors as you move in and get to know the campus, student leaders will open doors in encouragement of your own campus involvement, faculty will open doors through strong instruction, faculty-student research, and genuine care and concern, and the rest of campus will fully support you along your journey. Now all you have to do is take the first step through each open door!

Be sure to check out the NEXT STEPS in order to be prepared for your orientation session.


Next Steps


New Titan Days are our academic registration and parent/family orientation days scheduled throughout the summer.  Attendance at these is tremendously helpful to your successful college transition.


This form aids us in creating your academic schedule, finding you a suitable roommate, and making your room placement, among other fine details.



Each first year will prepare for their first inquiry class discussion by delving into this year’s book. Students will also complete their Alcohol/Sexual Violence education pieces before Fresh Start Orientation begins. These forms will be emailed to students at the beginning of summer.



Once you’ve completed these items, relax and enjoy your summer!  We’ll take the planning and preparation from here.  We look forward to meeting you at a New Titan Days and Fresh Start.


Class of 2020 Facebook Group

This is an opportunity for accepted students for the Class of 2020 to connect with other prospective students, current students, alumni, and Westminster faculty and administrators. Welcome to Westminster College!


Fresh Start

Fresh Start is our three-day orientation program which is required of all new students.  Parents and families are welcome to attend events through Matriculation Convocation on Friday. Our Fresh Start program offers a great opportunity for students to get to know our campus, classmates, and to ensure a successful transition.  You will have the opportunity to meet with your academic advisor, participate in the discussion of your summer reading book, experience campus activities, and learn about the resources available to aid in your success.  The Fresh Start staff is made up of approximately 60 upper class student leaders who are so excited to welcome you and show you the ropes in a place they’ve come to love!



Have questions about New Titan Day, housing or registering for classes? Tweet us using the following hashtags:

#NewTitanDay for questions about New Titan Day.
#moveinwc for questions about housing.
#wcclasses for questions about your classes.