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Undergraduate Research & Arts Celebration

The Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration (URAC) is a day-long event showcasing the collaborative work between Westminster faculty and students. Often interdisciplinary in nature, presentations take the form of posters, oral presentations, video productions, art studio pieces, poetry readings, live musical performances, and more. The Celebration is a dynamic and exciting opportunity to experience Westminster’s rich academic environment. During URAC, Westminster suspends classes and nearly one out of every four students will present. Sessions are attended by faculty, current students, parents, and occasionally alumni and/or members of our Board of Trustees.

2017 Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Westminster College will hold its annual Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

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2016 URAC Spotlight

Savanna Adams

Public Relations

Savanna Adams, senior public relations major, will present her research on the lack of return on investment that Groupon delivers to small businesses. See why at URAC.

James Foltz

Criminal Justice Studies

James Foltz, senior criminal justice studies major, established a Q-Study, analyzing current perceptions of the criminal justice system. Through the study, Foltz identified three diverse perceptions of the system, including: those who support the system, those who have a negative feeling toward the system, and those who don’t trust the system as a whole. Learn more about his findings at URAC.

Brandie Nicely

Fine Art

Brandie Nicely, a junior fine arts major, is gearing up for her third URAC presentation, giving an inside look into a passion that developed while she studied abroad in London last semester. Each morning as she was in transit, Nicely clipped newspaper articles about the Syrian refugee crisis – preparing to someday create a compilation of events that have struck a major cord in the lives of many. Join us at URAC, where attendees will see the work of art that has traveled across the world.

Charles Cratty


Charles Cratty, a senior mathematics major, is a rarity in the scope of student mathematicians in our region. Cratty has participated in the REU program, a highly selective summer research program for undergraduates, not once, but twice during his undergraduate career at Westminster College. He will bring his experience back to campus, presenting his research findings at URAC.

Chamber Singers

The music department plays an important role in URAC. This year, the Chamber Singers will present their findings from the ACDA Eastern Conference in Boston, reporting what they found and experienced at the conference, as well as providing a special musical performance.

Jamie Linderman, Christina Mauri and Rachael Letscher

Environmental Science

Environmental Science at Westminster College connects students with real world experience beyond the classroom environment. Take a look at what Jamie Linderman Christina Mauri and Rachael Letscher have been up to in preparation for their presentation at the Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration. And, stay tuned for research developments!

Zach Johns


Throughout the world, mosquitos are known for their ability to carry and spread serious diseases. In an effort to discontinue the spread of disease, Zach Johns, a biology major, is testing the effectiveness of mosquito repellents with his advisor, Dr. Diana Ortiz, assistant professor of biology. Johns will present his findings at URAC.

Brad Gibbons


Brad Gibbons, a senior chemistry major, will present his honors research on extracting samarium from samarium cobalt magnets, at URAC. His focus is to recover samarium in the exact same purity and shape so it can be reused. Learn more about his research, here.

Meredith Mishler


Get a closer look into what happens on a daily basis at Westminster College. Explore the lab setting with Meredith Mishler, senior biology major, and Dr. Karen Resendes, associate professor and program coordinator for molecular biology, as they collaborate to prepare Meredith for medical school.