Psychology Major Requirements

A major in psychology consists of a minimum of 44 semester hours in psychology (not including support courses). The requirements are listed below.

Psychology Courses:
      Introductory Psychology (PSY 101),
      Statistical Methods and Analysis (PSY 201);
      A minimum of one course from the following:
                   Principles of Learning (PSY 281), or
                   Cognition (PSY 351);
      A minimum of one course from the following:
                   Psychological Assessment (PSY 301), OR
                   Social Psychology (PSY 321)
      Four to five elective psychology courses,
      Internship (PSY 590)
      Senior Research composed of:
                   Psychology Capstone: Senior Studies I & II (PSY 601, 602; 2 semester hours each), and
                   Advanced Research I & II (PSY 631-640; 2 semester hours each),
                   Research Scholars (PSY 650; minimum of 4 semester hours)
                   Note: Honors students will register for PSY660-690, but will attend all capstone and seminar meetings; minimum of 8 semester hours)
Required Support Courses:
      MTH 131 or MTH 150; and two of the following courses: BIO 201, BIO 202, PHY 141, PHY 142, PHY 151, PHY 152, CHE 117, CHE 180, PSY/NS 341.