Psychology-Human Resources

The Psychology-Human Resources major enables students to apply psychological concepts, theories, and methods to organizational processes, with an emphasis on human resources functions.  With a solid course background in psychology, business, and related disciplines, students in this major will be prepared to assess and explain organizational phenomena from multiple disciplinary lenses; to understand the importance of various technologies for and their effects on human resources functions: and to develop an awareness of multicultural and global issues that relate to organizational behavior. This major will prepare students for graduate work in human resource management or organizational psychology programs, and is equally appropriate for graduates seeking direct employment in such human resources functions as: worker selection, worker evaluation and career development, benefits administration, human relations, training, employment law, and program and institutional evaluation. The major provides a strong quantitative and research approach to human resources essential in applied organizational problem solving.

For additional information about the major contact Dr. Mandy Medvin, Psychology Department, or Dr. Jesse Ligo, Economics and Business Department.

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