Psychology-Occupational Therapy (O.T.)

The Major in Psychology-Occupational Therapy: The major consists of a minimum of 44 hours in psychology (not including support courses) and a concentration in pre-occupational therapy (52 hours).  With the completion of major requirements students are eligible for admission, upon acceptance, to the Master of Occupational Therapy program at Duquesne University. As of academic year 2013-2014, students are required to maintain a QPA of 3.0, a QPA of 3.0 in the pre-OT concentration courses, and a C or better in all Psychology/pre-OT courses to matriculate to the Duquesne program. Students begin residence at Duquesne University in the spring of their senior year, and must complete a semester of study there so that their hours equal 128 at graduation.

Psychology Courses:
Introduction to General Psychology (PSY 101),
Statistical Methods and Analysis (PSY 201)
Childhood and Adolescence (PSY 221)
Adulthood and Aging (PSY 291)
A minimum of one course from the following:
    Developmental Psychopathology (PSY 431)
    Organizational Psychology (PSY 241)
    Abnormal Psychology (PSY 401)
A minimum of one course from the following:
    Principles of Learning and Memory (PSY 281)
    Cognition (PSY 351)
Psychological Assessment (PSY 301)
Behavioral Neuroscience (PSY/NS 341)
Four hours of internship experiences (PSY 590)
Psychology Capstone:
    Senior Studies I & II (PSY 601, 602 – 2 semester hours each) AND
    Research I & II (PSY 631-640; 2 semester hours each)
    Research Scholars (PSY650; minimum of 4 semester hours).
Note: Honors students register for PSY 660-690, but attend all capstone and seminar meetings; minimum of 8 semester hours).
Required Westminster pre-OT Support Courses: BIO 201, 202, 335 and 336; MTH 131 or MTH 150; PHI 240
(or equivalent); PHY 141 (all science coursework must be taken at an approved four-year institution).

Required Courses for Matriculation to Duquesne (These are proficiency courses and must be completed prior to completion of the B.A. degree.  They do not earn Westminster credit. Documentation of the completion of these courses is required for the Westminster file):
      Foundations/Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy: This course is offered through Duquesne University, and is completed prior to the senior year (it must be completed by December 1.)  Students contact the chair of the department at Duquesne prior to starting the course, which is typically taken during the summer.
      Medical Terminology: This course can be taken at any college or on-line.

Westminster-Duquesne articulation requirements:
First yea
r: Interested students declare a major in psychology with a concentration in Psychology/pre-OT.
Second year: By the end of the fall semester, students must send a letter of intent to the chair of the Occupational Therapy department at Duquesne stating their class status at Westminster (e.g. second year), their reason for wanting to go into OT, and the year they intend to enter the program (e.g. the spring of 2014). A copy of the letter and the e-mail verification of its receipt are placed in the student file, which is located in the Westminster Psychology Department office. Documentation of proficiency courses must be provided for the student file.
Third year: Documentation of proficiency courses and internship work are required for the student file.
Senior year, fall: Students who have been accepted into the Duquesne OT program should contact Chris Hilf in the Office of the Dean (412-396-5653).
Senior year, spring: To complete the Westminster graduation requirements, students at Duquesne must send an official transcript of courses for Spring Semester senior year to the Westminster College registrar.