Current Student Research

Some of the research projects currently being carried out by students

All Neuroscience students conduct a research project in their senior year. There are a number of interesting projects to choose from; some ongoing projects are listed below. On completion of their project, each student is expected to present their data at an appropriate regional or national conference.

Alexandra Bailey

(Advised by Dr. McGovern) The Effects of Dextromethorphan and Ethanol on Spatial Memory, for her Capstone project

Maura Miglioretti

(Advised by Dr. McGovern) Blueberry Extract and Cabergoline: Paired Treatment of Parkinson's Disease, for her Capstone project

Jenna Rimko

(Advised by Dr. McGovern) Co-Administration of Cabergoline with Venlafaxine on Rats with Modeled Major Depressive Disorder, for her Capstone project in the Research Scholars program