Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program Description

About Neuroscience

Westminster College is committed to the idea that education for the 21st century doesn’t always fit into the boxes of traditional departments. Some students require programs that are interdisciplinary for their career choices. Interdisciplinary studies provide flexibility to students who are undecided about their careers, and prepare students for a changing professional workforce and for the many new and emerging interdisciplinary graduate programs.

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary major in the departments of Psychology and Biology that includes course offerings in Computer Science, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry and Math. Students have the option to do their senior research in Psychology or Biology, or to do an approved interdisciplinary project.

Required Courses

A student must complete 64 credit hours of required and recommended courses. Required are BIO 201, 202, 302, 334 or 335/336 (335/336 will be accepted as fulfilling the requirement with advisor permission only), PSY 101, 201, 601, 602, MTH 131 or 150, and NS 341, 631, 632, and BIO/NS 434. Additionally, students must make selections from the following courses (or approved alternatives):

BIO: 303, 304, 363 or approved elective
CHE: 117, 180, 261, 262, 380
CS: 151, 152, 271
PHI: 218
PHY: 141, 142, 151, 152
PSY: 261, 262, 281, 315, 351, 401, 431

Note: All students are required to present their theses during the Spring Semester of their senior year at a regional undergraduate research conference or appropriate professional conference.