Student Internships

All Neuroscience Students are encouraged to do an internship (or two) at a respectable research institute or medical facility. The faculty can help students to find
and apply for appropriate internships. Students may earn up to four credits for an approved internship.
Some examples of recent internships that students have participated in are outlined below.

2010: Senior Neuroscience student, Anthony Santarelli joins top research lab for summer internship

"Over the summer I worked on 2 projects in Frye labs at SUNY Albany. The major project I was a part of looked at the nuclear receptor PXR. The project itself related density of the Pregane X receptor to estradiol and progesterone and its derivatives in the midbrain of female rats. My secondary project consisted of investigating the specific neuroendocrine effects of an ibotenic acid lesion to the ventral hippocampus in rats, which is a basic model of human schizophrenia".

2010: Matt Facciani studies social cognition for summer internship

"At my internship this summer, I worked in a social cognitive neuroscience laboratory at Dartmouth College. I spent most of my time working on a neuromarketing study that involved fMRI and EMG. The study investigated differences in affective data while the subject viewed brand logos in the fMRI and EMG. We also compared the physiological data with the subject's personal rating of the brand logos. I learned a great deal about cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging, and what it is like to work in a laboratory full time. It was an amazing experience".