All Westminster College students who graduate with a major in Psychology, Neuroscience, Psychology-Human  Resources, or Psychology-OT complete a two-semester senior thesis.  Formal course work on the thesis begins in the Spring semester of the junior year.  The thesis represents a collaboration between the student, a faculty advisor and a team of other students also working on theses in similar areas.
Students register for both Psychology Capstone: Senior Studies (PSY 601 & 602) and for Advanced Research (PSY 631 - PSY 640). Each course carries two semester hours of credit and is scheduled to meet formally once each week. For example, a student doing a thesis on child development and being advised by Dr. Medvin would register for Senior Studies I and Child Development Research I.

Honors students will register for 4 credits in Honors in Psychology. They also attend Psychology Capstone: Senior Studies I classes and research seminar meetings.

Students in the research scholars program are able to do a more in-depth, three semester capstone project, and are recognized at the psychology end-of-the-year banquet. They register for 2 credits of Research Scholars (Psy 650, 651, and 652) each semester and Psychology Capstone: Senior Studies (PSY 601 & 602). Students attend the research seminar of their faculty advisor. See the course catalog for further information.

41 psychology majors successfully completed their capstone projects in the fall 2013 semester.  You can view their abstracts here.