Peace Studies Program

The Peace Studies Program at Westminster College is an interdisciplinary, academic program designed to prepare students for the challenge of living in an increasingly diverse and global community. Students explore causes of conflict from multiple perspectives, as well as the means for resolving and preventing conflict at the local, national and international level.


Sherri P. Pataki, Associate Professor of Psychology

Steering Committee:

Michael E. Aleprete, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Patricia Clark, Associate Professor of History
Rev. James Mohr, Chaplain
Kristin Park, Professor of Sociology
Kristenne Robison, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies

Westminster students may complete a minor in Peace Studies by completing PAX 101: Introduction to Peace Studies, PAX 301: Advanced Peace Studies Seminar, and four electives.

Elective courses in Peace Studies include the following:
  • ES 160: Concepts of Environmental Science
  • HIS 136: 20th Century Europe
  • HIS 152: Modern Russia
  • HIS 172: Latin America from 1825
  • HIS 182: Africa since 1800
  • HIS 223: African-American History
  • HIS 301: America in the Sixties
  • HIS 308: Cold War
  • HIS 311: South Africa
  • PS 204: Model United Nations*
  • PS 235: Politics and Society in Africa
  • PS 241: Public Policy
  • PS 311: Geopolitics
  • PS 332: United States Foreign Policy
  • PS 431: International Organizations
  • PSY 213: Psychology of Prejudice
  • PSY 321: Social Psychology
  • PSY 331/GS 331: Psychology of Women
  • REL 102: Understanding the Christian Faith
  • REL 111: Understanding Religious Experience and Expression
  • SOC 105: Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC 107: Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 209: Majority-Minority Relations
  • SOC 214: Social Class in America
  • SOC 215/GS 215: Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • SOC 241/GS 241: Sociology of Violence and Nonviolence
  • SOC 303/REL 221: Religion and Society
  • THE 225: Theatre and Social Engagement

Other courses may be taken for peace studies credit with the approval of the steering committee.

* PS 204 is a one credit course. Students will need to complete a minimum of four semesters of PS 204 to count as one peace studies elective.

Contact Information

(724) 946-7361

"Never Again...Again" - original play by "Performing Peace" cluster

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