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  Helen M. Boylan, Associate Professor
Specialty: Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Phone: (724)-946-6293
Education: B.S. Westminster College, Ph.D. Duquesne University
Research Interests: Environmental analysis and the role of mercury in the environment. Use of microwave-enhanced chemistry for a wide range of applications. Chemical analysis as applied to forensic science.
  Martha R. Kellner, Associate Professor
Specialty: Physical Chemistry
Phone: (724)-946-7295
Education: B.A. Greenville College, M.S. University of Illinois,
Ph.D. University of Kentucky
Research Interests: Phytoremediation
  Sarah Kennedy, Assistant Professor
Specialty: Biochemistry Sarah Kennedy
Phone: (724)-946-6289
Education: B.A. Westminster College,
Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests: Utilizing macromolecular crystallography and biochemical assays to study enzymes in the winemaking process. Developing analytical methods to quantify organics in local wine varieties.

  Larry Miller, Assistant Professor
Specialty: Chemistry Education Larry Miller
Phone: (724)-946-6290
Education: B.S. Case Western University, Ph.D. Purdue University
Research Interests: Enzyme Kinetics and Chemistry Education
  Timothy A. Sherwood, Chair and Associate Professor
Specialty: Organic Chemistry
Phone: (724)-946-7296
Education: B.S. University of Sciences in Philadelphia,
Ph.D. University of Delaware
Research Interests: Protein characterizations and Bio-molecule
  Peter M. Smith, Associate Professor
Specialty: Inorganic Chemistry
Phone: (724)-946-7299
Education: B.S.University of Tennessee, Ph. D. University of Tennessee
Research Interests: The development of novel solvent extraction SX
processes utilizing water-immiscible room-temperature ionic
liquids (RTIL) as extraction solvents.

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  Lori A. Micsky, Chemical Hygiene Officer
Phone: (724)-946-6317
Mary P. Pitman, Secretary
Phone: (724)-946-7294