The Class of 2011

Nathan Barefoot - Chemistry

Huntingdon, PA
Future Plans: Graduate School
REU Programs: 
Summer 2008: Kent State University. Studied Microwave Spectroscopy under the direction of Dr. Michael Tubergen.
Summer 2010: Duquesne University. Studied Computational Analysis under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Evanseck.
Conrad, A.R., Barefoot, N. Z., Tubergen, M. J.  (2010). Rotational spectra of o-, m-, and p-cyanophenaol and internal rotation of p-cyanophenol. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 12, 8350-8356.
Spring 2011: ACS 241st National Meeting, Anaheim, California.  Photocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Through the Use of Metal Porphyrins: Inspired by Chlorophyll

Keri Biedka - Chemistry

Hometown: Harmony, PA
Future Plans: Teach High School Chemistry
Spring 2010: ACS in Miniature at Duquesne University. Qualitative Analysis and Prospective Quantification Method for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Spring 2011: ACS 241st National Meeting, Anaheim, California. Greener Ether Synthesis from Conjugated Dienes in Organic Curriculum

Christopher Bodle - Chemistry

Hometown: Clearfield, PA
Future Plans: Graduate School
Spring 2011: ACS 241st National Meeting, Anaheim California.  Inhibition of Bovine Plasma Amine Oxidase

Timothy Cargal - Biochemistry

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Future Plans: Graduate School
Spring 2011: ACS 241st National Meeting, Anaheim California. Evaluation of the Appropriatenss of a Placement Exam for Chemistry

Atalie Hayes - Biochemistry

Hometown: New Kensington, PA
Future Plans: To work in medical sales
Spring 2011: National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Ithaca, New York, Integration of Wine Chemistry and Laboratory Experiments into the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum

Lori Katrencik - Chemistry

Hometown: McDonald, PA
Future Plans: Air Force and Graduate School
Spring 2011:  ACS 241st National Meeting, Anaheim California. Greener Ester Synthesis with Zirconium and Hafnium Catalysts  

Ryan Konik - Biochemistry

Hometown: Youngstown, OH
Future Plans: Medical School
Spring 2011: PittCon, Atlanta, Georgia. Analysis of the Non-thermal Effects of Microwave Radiation on Acetylcholinesterase Using Covalent Labeling Techniques and Mass Spectrometry

Emily Landis - Chemistry

Hometown: New Waterford, OH
Future Plans: Graduate School for Ph.D. in Chemistry and to eventually work in a research lab
REU Program:
Summer 2010: Kent State University. Studied the "Exploration of C - C bond formation mediated by CuTc" under the direction of Dr. Robert Twieg.
Spring 2009: ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Spring 2011: PittCon, Atlanta, Georgia.  Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate Powder Synthesis using Mild Reaction Conditions

Timothy Lynn - Biochemistry

Hometown: Utica, PA
Future Plans:Take the patent bar exam and become a patent agent
Spring 2011: The ACS In Miniature Symposium, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. Investigation of Potential Mechanism-Based Inhibitors of Copper Amine Oxidase