Mission and Outcomes Statements


Consistent with the mission of Westminster College, the mission of the Department of Chemistry is to train and mentor students as responsible scientists and as scientifically literate professionals. Graduates will be prepared for advanced study in graduate or health profession schools, for employment in areas where a strong background in chemistry is needed, or to become a certified chemistry teacher.
The Chemistry Department pursues this mission by

  • Providing students with a quality comprehensive chemical education in which they can
  • Gain a greater understanding of the world from a chemistry perspective using the methods of scientific inquiry;
  • Integrate this understanding with perspectives from other disciplines; and
  • Apply this understanding to personal, professional, and civic life.
  • Maintaining a quality faculty of diverse expertise committed to excellence in teaching, collaborative research, and service.
  • Preparing students to contribute to the field of Chemistry and to the Community at large.
  • Reviewing departmental assessment annually to guide programmatic modifications.
The chemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and designed to meet the standards set forth by the ACS Committee on Professional Training. This approval allows Westminster to offer an ACS certifiable baccalaureate degree that assures our student’s chemical training that is current with national trends. 


1.      To acquire appropriate discipline specific knowledge spanning the areas of Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, Physical chemistry as well as appropriate supporting courses
2.      To develop skills in modern laboratory methods, instrumentation, and data analysis.
3.      To develop skills in appropriate research techniques including experimental design and scientific literacy.
4.      To critically evaluate and solve relevant problems by applying the knowledge and skills of chemistry and/or biochemistry.
5.      To effectively communicate the concepts of chemistry and/or biochemistry using accepted professional standards and language.
6.      To demonstrate scientific responsibility, stewardship, and professional ethics as outlined by the American Chemical Society - Chemists Code of Conduct.