The Chemistry Major

Westminster offers chemistry majors an extremely flexible, track-based curriculum that is approved by the American Chemical Society. Whether you are interested in medicine, forensics, pharmaceuticals, education, industry, or research, we have a track specially designed to help you meet your career goal.

Students majoring in chemistry may elect one of five tracks: Professional Chemist, Forensic Science, Secondary Education Certification, Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental or 3-2 Chemical Engineering. All chemistry majors become candidates for the B.S. degree.

Professional Chemist Track

Career Goal: This track is primarily for students who plan to work as chemists or enter graduate study in one of the chemical sciences after graduation from Westminster. An American Chemical Society certified degree is possible through this track.

Forensic Science Track

This track is for students who wish to pursue a career in forensic chemistry for the laboratory analysis of forensic evidence, or further graduate study.

Secondary Education Certification Track

Career Goal: This track is for students who plan to teach high school chemistry.

Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Track

This track is for students who plan to apply for admission to medical, dental, optometry or veterinary medicine school.

For more information about Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Professionals at Westminster, also see the Medical Professions Advisory Committee (MedPAC) page.

3-2 Chemical Engineering Track

This track is for students who plan to spend three years at Westminster, transfer to a school of engineering for two years and earn degrees in both chemistry from Westminster and chemical engineering from the second institution.

The Chemistry Minor

Chemistry Courses