3 + 3 Pre-Physical Therapy/Physical Therapy Articulation Program

(Westminster College and Duquesne University)

It is important that students realize the following articulation agreement is only one of numerous options that will prepare them for a creer in physical therapy.  Many students have graduated from Westminster after completing their B.S. in four years and have been accepted to physical therapy (PT) programs as graduate students.  Students interested in the articulation agreement described below should enter into this agreement with the full understanding that their preparation for a career in physical therapy begins the moment they step onto the Westminster campus.  Students participating in this artciulation agreement must complete the Westminster course requirments within three years - the First Year Program, the liberal arts curriculum, and specific natural and physical science prerequisites - while maintaining an average grade of B, or higher.

Successful completion of thisarticulation program leads to a BS degree from Westminster and a DPT degree from Duquesne aftera total of six years (three years at Westminster, followed by three more years at Duquesne). Students interested in this program must enter Westminster College as a biology major with a minimum combined verbal/math SAT score of 1100, or an ACT composite score of 24. Transfer students and students who choose to enter as exploratory (undeclared major) are not eligible for this program. For more detailed information on participation in this program review the criteria listed below or contact the Chair of MedPAC.

Students in the PT articulation must maintain minimum pre-requisite and overall GPAs of 3.0 at Westminster, with a grade of C or better in all pre-requisite courses. Students must complete all science courses at Westminster and all program requirements within six semesters. To be eligible for transfer to Duquesne’s graduate program after 3 years, students must have earned 100 credit hours at Westminster, engaged in 100 hours of physical therapy experience in two clinical settings, and met all other published Duquesne admissions requirements. A maximum of five qualified Westminster students per year will be admitted to Duquesne under this program. Specific Westminster course requirements for the 3 + 3 Pre-physical Therapy/Physical Therapy Articulation Program include:  BIO201, BIO202, BIO203, BIO206; either BIO301 or BIO302 or BIO303; either BIO360 or BIO 361; one additional 300 or higher level qualifying biology course; CHE117, CHE261, CHE262; PHY141 (or151), PHY142 (or152); INQ111, WRI111, SPE111.

In addition, students must complete all IP courses (including PSY101), cluster courses and PE course requirements of the Westminster curriculum.

Criteria for the Westminster College – Duquesne University Physical Therapy Program:
  • Leads to BS degree (Westminster) and DPT degree (Duquesne)
  • 3 years at Westminster followed by 3 years at Duquesne
  • Students must enter Westminster with an 1100 SAT (combined math and verbal scores) or a 24 ACT (composite) to qualify for acceptance in this program
  • Students must enter as a biology major
  • Transfer students and students who matriculate as Exploratory are not eligible
  • Students are responsible for making known their intention to participate in the articulation agreement to their academic advisor and to MedPAC at the start of their first semester at Westminster College
  • BS awarded upon successful completion of year 1 at Duquesne
  • Follow prescribed program of study at Westminster
  • Maintain minimum pre-requisite and overall GPAs of 3.0 at Westminster (cumulative and for each semester)*
  • No grade less than “C” on any pre-requisite course at Westminster*
  • Complete Westminster pre-requisites courses within 3 years
  • Complete all physical science pre-requisite courses at Westminster
  • Engaged in 100 hours of physical therapy experience in two clinical settings
  • Limited to 5 students per year (GPA ranking determines students to be recommended)
  • Receive written recommendation of Westminster’s MedPAC
  • Meet Duquesne’s academic and program admission requirements
  • Meet with MedPAC representative in first week of classes as a first-year student at Westminster to formally enroll in the program
  • Meet with MedPAC representative each semester to formally review status in program


(* If a student’s GPA drops below 3.0 at one point during the first four semesters, a student will be granted a one semester probationary period. If their GPA drops under 3.0 again during the first four semesters, or is under 3.0 at the end of the fifth semester, they will not be eligible to participate in the program.)