MeriBeth Gubanic
Graduated: 1998
Employer: L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc.
Title: Environmental Scientist
Advice to High School Seniors: Try to get an internship while you are still in school. Volunteer 1 day a week, if you need to. It may help you find a permanent job in the future.

John Legge
Graduated: 1989
Employer: The Nature Conservancy
Title: West Michigan Project Director
Advice to current ES Majors: Think carefully about what aspect of ES interests you the most and assertively seek experience (internships, including volunteering) in those areas.

Jessica Jean Beham
Graduated: 2001
Employer: Allegheny Valley Land Trust/Americorps
Title: Director of Development
Advice to current ED Majors: Make sure that when you pick electives for your major that you pick something that you know you will use. Try to take a computer course (GIS).