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Westminster College and the Lawrence County Mentoring Program

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Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

In partnership with the New Castle Area School District, Westminster College hosted an informational meeting for students and their families who were selected to participate in the Lawrence County Mentoring Program.

In January, Westminster College was approached by Dallas Hartman, P.C., to spearhead a program that matched the Westminster College mission by mentoring and supporting high school students who have potential for college success.

“These are students who have the potential for college success yet may not have had the opportunity to realize their dreams,” Dr. Amy Camardese, professor and coordinator for the School of Education.

“Dallas Hartman is passionate about finding avenues to support students in discovering college experience,” said Camardese. “This agreement not only helps those students to see the importance of a college education – but it also helps Westminster College students to develop mentoring relationships with high school students in our area.”

The following plan was developed in consultation with Hartman and Dr. John Sarandrea, superintendent of New Castle School District.

  1. During the 2016-17 academic year, five New Castle Area School District ninth grade students will be transported by New Castle School District to the Westminster Campus once per week – 15 times per semester - 30 times per year for one and ½ hours.
  2. Westminster College students majoring in Early Childhood or Secondary Education minors will act as mentors for the New Castle students for one and ½ hours each week.
  3. Westminster mentors will have appropriate clearances and orientation for mentoring.
  4. A dinner voucher will be provided for each New Castle student to use at the Westminster cafeteria.
  5. The mentors will establish a relationship with the New Castle student in the following ways: (a) assist with homework, (b) provide tutoring in a content area of need for the New Castle student, or (c) attend a campus event with the New Castle student.
  6. During the 2017-18 school year, the five students who were mentored during the 2016-17 year will continue to be mentored as 10th graders.  Five ninth graders from New Castle will be identified and paired with Westminster College students as mentors.  Total of 10 students from New Castle will be mentored.
  7. During successive years, five ninth graders will be selected from New Castle to be paired and mentored with Westminster students in cohorts of five.  By the 2019-20 academic year, there will be 20 New Castle students meeting once a week with Westminster Students.
  8. Dr. Amy Camardese will supervise the Lawrence County Mentoring Program and provide assessment of the program.  These services will be provided as In-Kind.

New Castle students were selected by the New Castle Area School District to participate in the Lawrence County Mentoring Program.

For more information, contact Camardese at 724-946-7183.