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Nine Westminster Science Teams Compete in "Geek Week"

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Posted on Thursday, October 21, 2004

Nine teams representing six sciences at Westminster College recently competed in the second annual "Geek Week."

 The teams included: The Most Awesome Physics Ever; the Lab Gnomes/Titrating Titans team represented both biology and chemistry; The Really Super Ultra Microtones and the Greek Geeks both represented biology; the Denominators, the Primes, and Heavy Duty were three teams that represented math and computer science; and Slow Reaction represented chemistry.

 "Monday night was the chemistry event," said Aaron Bruck, a junior chemistry major from Grove City and one of the coordinators of the event.  "It was an around-the-world style of game that tested contestant's knowledge of basic chemistry.  Slow Reaction won that game."

 Tuesday's game of psychology jeopardy featured questions based on psychology and neuroscience ideas.  The Greek Geeks won that competition.

 "Wednesday night was the math/computer science event," continued Bruck.  "The teams took part in a scavenger hunt throughout Hoyt Science Resources Center.  They were looking for people with questions to give them the next clue.  The fastest team through the set of questions was the Denominators."

 "Thursday was the physics event.  It was an egg drop with a twist.  The teams had to first take a quiz on the basics of physics that determined which materials they received to make their contraption," Bruck said.  "If the contraption made it to the ground without breaking the egg, the team received the full amount of points.  The Most Awesome Physics Ever won that event.

 The last event was held Friday with a biology hunt.

 "In this event, teams were given a compass with a set of directions.  With the directions, they were to find a person who was hiding.  This person had a question for the team to answer that gave them the clue to win the game.  The fastest team was Lab Gnomes," Bruck said.

 Following the competition, contestants were treated to pizza and drinks.  The top two teams with the most points were The Most Awesome Physics Ever and Lab Gnomes/Titrating Titans.  The students also voted Dr. Helen Boyan, assistant professor of chemistry at Westminster College, the "Geek Professor of the Year."

 For more information, contact Boylan at (724) 946-6293 or e-mail