3-2 Engineering Program

The 3-2 Engineering concentration offered at Westminster College's Physics Department presents an excellent opportunity for the student to combine in his or her college career the elements of a strong liberal arts program in physics with those of a traditional engineering curriculum. The first three years of this program are spent at Westminster where the student is a physics major. The student then transfers to an engineering school for approximately two years of specialized training in one field of engineering. Upon graduation, the student receives a B.S. Degree from Westminster in Physics as well as an engineering degree from the cooperating institution. Students pursuing this plan have the advantages of personal contact with faculty which larger institutions typically cannot offer in the critical lower level courses. Moreover, students choosing not to pursue an engineering degree after the first three years lose no time toward the completion of a degree at Westminster. In recent years, Westminster students have continued their education in engineering at Case Western Reserve University, Youngstown State University, West Virginia University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

While at Westminster, a Physics major in the 3-2 Engineering concentration must meet the all-college requirements and take most of the required courses taken by any other Physics major.   Such students are not required to take PHY 401, 402, 404, 601,  and 602, but must complete a B.S. in Engineering degree at an approved school to satisfy the requirements for a degree in Physics at Westminster.

A student interested in the 3-2 concentration must work closely with his or her Faculty Advisor in planning course schedules. Application for admission to the engineering school is completed during the fall of the student’s third year at Westminster.

Another option for studying engineering that several recent students have pursued is to complete a 4-year Physics program at Westminster, followed by a graduate program in Engineering at another institution.

For further information contact: Dr. Douglas Armstead, 3-2 Coordinator, at (724) 946-7201.