Gary L. Swanson

Technical Operations Manager

Communication Studies, Theatre, and Art

(724) 946-7715


Campus Location:
   McKelvey Campus Center
   News Director - 369
Mailbox: 38

Gary L. Swanson

About Me

I have been with Westminster since 1990 as the Director of Audio Visual Services, and enjoy the opportunities and relationships that heading such a dynamic academic support operation provides.  I received my Bachelor of Arts from Westminster (Telecommunications) in 1988, and later completed my Elementary Education Teaching Certification in 2003.

My list of responsibilities is a lengthy one, but here are some of the key components:
  • I am responsible for all things AV at Westminster. This includes all college purchased academic presentation technology and media resources, as well as research, production, promotion, support, and ensuring a wide array of legal compliances.
  • I actively seek to collaborate with faculty, students, and administration on academic projects associated with audio visual technology, media, and media services for teaching, learning and scholarship, as well as a number of Green AV initiatives.
  • I am also charged with coordinating, directing, assigning, and assisting with design and installation of technology in various college learning spaces.
You can learn more about me and what our department does by visiting our website.