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Charlene Endrizzi

Charlene Endrizzi


Education Faculty

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About Me

I arrived at Westminster College in 1993 after teaching fourth through sixth graders for ten years in central California.  My Hmong, Lao, Cambodian, African American and Latino students inspired me to enroll in a doctoral program at the University of Arizona in 1989 where I studied critical literacy and global children’s literature with two generative professors, Kathy Short and Yetta Goodman. 

Currently I teach Literacy courses for Early Childhood Education preservice teachers and graduate students in our Reading Specialist program.  I also teach a Family-School-Community course and Children's Literature course for Early Childhood students.

Literacy has not always been my passion.  In fact while in elementary school in Clearbrook, British Columbia, Canada, I hated reading out loud in front of the class.  Yet spending time with Nancy Drew, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Dr. Seuss or the Bobbsey Twins while at home with my two sisters and parents was a delightful way to relax.

Teaching became an avenue for exploring this dis-tasteful aspect of school life.  I completed my B.A. and M.A. at Fresno Pacific College in Fresno, California, while teaching many English language learners.  Three profound mentors, Drs. Jean Fennacy, Bonnie Freeman, and David Freeman kept nudging me to explore literacy through a constructivist lens.

In the 1980s as a new teacher in my early twenties, I feared parents.  In fact I actively sought to avoid them.  Today my research on family-school partnerships enables me to explore this uncertain yet generative aspect of teaching, alongside many preservice teachers, graduate students, children and families in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. 

I am grateful to countless elementary readers and their families who shared their rich hidden literacy lives with me over the last twenty years through my work at Westminster College.  Classroom teachers like Karen Jones (Mohawk), Diana Duncan (Butler), Pam Redfoot (Wilmington) and Laura Nych (Mercer) helped me uncover the power of valuing each child’s first literacy partner, their families.   Our struggles and countless successes are outlined in Becoming Teammates: Teachers and Families as Literacy Partners, 2008, N.C.T.E. 

My current research focuses on working with preservice teachers in diverse school settings as we seek to build bridges of understanding between teachers and families.  I am grateful to 4 insightful Kindergarten teachers at Campbell (Vicki Tekac, Lisa Jackson, Nick Glatzer and Roxane Tarcy) for creating the Bridges to Reading project with me, allowing over 60 junior and senior ECE majors to learn alongside children and families. Together with two colleagues from Hunter College, CUNY (Drs. Jenny Tuten and Deborah Jensen) we are sharing our discoveries in learning alongside teachers and families in our November 2018 forthcoming book - Crossing Literacy Bridges: Strategies for Collaborating with Families of Struggling Readers (Rowman and Littlefield).  

In 2012 while in northern Israel, colleagues from Western Galilee College helped me discover a wealth of Israeli children’s literature, which I recently shared through an international children’s literature website, Worlds of Words.  I continue to explore children's and young adult books with colleagues like Dr. Karen Matis and Grace Klassen.  See other book conversations at   

My ardent supporter and husband, George Endrizzi, a middle school principal, keeps me grounded through his constant questions and efforts to pull me away from work.  Our son Bryce, currently a high school junior and basketball enthusiast, continues to be my provocative literacy learning partner.