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Keith F. Corso

Keith F. Corso

Assistant Professor

Communication Faculty

(724) 946-7235

Campus Location:
   Thompson Clark
Mailbox: 114


About Me

When I arrived at Westminster (this go around) in 2003, my department chair at the time asked me what I thought needed to be addressed in the Communication Studies program. I said, "we have to deal with how technology is impacting the way we communicate in both our personal and professional lives." Little did I know where that would lead me.

Now I teach the thre social media classes and oversee the Social Media minor at Westminster. However, I've had a great deal of experience outside of the academic world which really affects how I teach. Here are some highlights of my professional career:

I always wanted to be in radio and when I graduated from Westminster (yes, I'm an alumnus) I went to work for a local radio station chain in Sharon, PA.
I've been an disc jockey, copywriter, news reporter and announcer, sports play-by-play and color commentary, and countless other things in radio (except sales...I can't stand sales).
I was a self-taught network administrator for awhile.
I worked in an advertising agency for awhile as a project manager and account manager and even won an ADDY (only one).

I teach all the social media classes at WC as well as Strategic Sports Communication, Media Literacy, and I've even taught a class on comics and superheroes.

Personally, I'm married (27 years at this writing in 2017), have six kids, love baseball (especially the Yankees...sorry Red Sox fans), read mysteries and thrillers, and love TV. I'm secretly addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies (although that isn't really secret any more is it?