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Branislav Cikel

Branislav Cikel

Senior Systems Engineer

Information Technology Services

(724) 946-6036

Campus Location:
   Hoyt Science Resources Center
   Information Systems Suite - 169E
Mailbox: ITS


About Me

I have been with Westminster since 2001 and currently serve as Senior Systems Engineer and Operations Manager in Information Technology Services - Infrastructure Services department.  
My job responsibilities include:

  • Managing Windows server technologies-based campus-wide enterprise network.
  • Managing and maintaining core network servers (physical, virtual and Azure cloud-based).
  • Managing college's storage area network.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of network server hardware, operating systems and software (physical, virtual and Azure cloud-based).
  • Installation and support of network applications (e-mail, webserver, internet applications, printing) and shared network file resources.
  • Creating and supervising use of: network accounts, email accounts and group assignments.
  • Overseeing user identity management and user account lifecycle.
  • Maintaining network system backups and procedures.