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Craig L. Caylor

Associate Professor/Program Coordinator

Physics Faculty

Program Coordinator/Chair for:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Physics
  • Engineering

(724) 946-7202

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Campus Location:
   Hoyt Science Resources Center
Mailbox: 12

About Me

BS in physics from Kansas State University (1996).  At Kansas State, my research involved the characterization of the liquid-vapor surface of a critical binary liquid mixture using ellipsometry.  The mixtures I studied were polymer solutions and ionic solutions.

PhD in physics from Cornell University (2001).  At Cornell, my research involved strategies for improving protein crystallization, emphasizing the role of impurities in limiting protein crystal quality.  Primary experimental techniques included two-photon fluorescence microscopy and x-ray topography.

Current interests at Westminster include various aspects of liquid droplet behavior and magnetic materials, as well as the projects I am currently working on with my experimental physics class.

Married, 5 children.
Runner and trail ultramarathoner.