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Deanne BuffalariTennant

Deanne BuffalariTennant

Associate Professor/Chair

Psychology Faculty

(724) 946-7358

Campus Location:
   Hoyt Science Resources Center
Mailbox: 188


About Me

I'm currently serving as Neuroscience program coordinator, and I teach courses such as Behavioral Neuroscience, Learning, Cognition, and Intro Psychology.  I received my degree from the University of Pittsburgh.  My research focuses on motivated behavior, with a particular interest in addiction and how drugs of abuse affect the brain and behavior.  If you are interested in Neuroscience (either as a major, or just to learn more about what we do), come and see me!

I'm also interested in scientific outreach in the community and scientific literacy- especially getting students exposed to ideas aobut neuroscience and the brain at a young age.

Outside of my time at WC, I enjoy gardening and cooking, running (especially chasing my two young sons around), and writing.