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Ann E. Throckmorton

Ann E. Throckmorton


Biology Faculty

(724) 946-7209

Campus Location:
   Hoyt Science Resources Center
Mailbox: 156


About Me

Dr. Throckmorton joined the Westminster Department of Biology in 1990.  She teaches Biostatistics and Experimental Design, Ecology, Field Biology, Freshwater Biology, Marine Biology, Introduction to GIS, and various introductory and non-majors courses. She is a member of the Environmental Science Committee which coordinates the environmental science major. Her research focuses on two areas:  the effect of stress on decision-making in invertebrates, and aquatic toxicology of anthropogenic chemicals.  

Ph.D. Florida State University, Population Ecology

M.Sc. Fort Hays State University, Ecology

B.A. Hastings College, Biology and English



Recent research projects (Capstone, Honors, and summer research):

Effect of "forever chemicals" on growth, reproduction, and protein content of plants.

Determing how exposure to microplastics affects shell choice and activity patterns in marine hermit crabs.

The effect of chemical cues from shell fights on blue-legged hermit crabs and their decision making

Ecological toxicology of phthalates:  effect on reproduction and development of apple snails, Pomacea maculata

Effect of sunscreen and increased ocean temperature on reproduction, growth, and zooxanthellae count in sea anemones, Aiptasia pallida

Calculating the LC50 of octinoxate - a commonly-occurring component of sunscreens - for sea anemones, Aiptasia pallida

Insecticidal effects of cannabidiol essential oil against the mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor

The effect of microplastics on the development of deformities in the mouthparts of Chironomus riparius larvae